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Reminder that all TNT & Creeper eggs will be enabled tomorrow!

*I will update this post in a few hours with the full update post*
Season 8.0 is finally here! Starting @ 1PM EST, here are some things you should know before release.

A full update thread will be coming live in a few hours, stick around.


Spawner Stacking:
1. Removed from the game
2. FTOP, crates, and rewards should give you REGULAR spawners.

*Please contact staff ASAP if you get a stacked spawner*

1. Voting will be disabled for the first day of release.

*It will be continued on January 1st*

1. No Autos.
2. No Nuking.
3. Left/Right shooting is disabled.
4. Do not use any cannons that will severely impact the TPS of the server.
5. Semis are allowed.

*If your cannon is dropping the server TPS severely, contact staff*

Map Size:
Overworld: 5,000 x 5,000
End: 3,000 x 3,000

We are having a smaller world size for more raids, pvp, etc.

PvP Events:
1. Envoys will be enabled first day.
2. KoTH will be enabled after 3 days.
3. Outposts will be enabled after 4 days.

1. No bitch claiming for 1 week.
2. No TNT for 5 days
3. No Creepers for 5 days.
Announcement Beta Season
Please read this thread carefully, this new system is changing how IntenseRaids is going to work for the beta season.

Originally we were going to have the beta season for 1 week only, but due to high demand (32+ applications) and counting, we are planning to have a beta season. To accumulate a larger player base, a huge server release, and a bug free season, we are doing a beta season on IntenseRaids.

How will we gain “beta” access?
1. You can submit an application here. We will accept up to 10 beta members every single day, so be patients.

2. If you want to skip the application access, you can buy a beta pass here. It’s currently $4.99 for the first week, $9.99 for the second week, and $14.99 once we hit our third week.

3. Share our twitter status for a chance to win. We will pick one twitter winner every day.

4. Enter our whitelist giveaway on gleam here.

What’s so special about “beta” access?

1. You will receive a special tag on all of our communication platforms (Discord, in-game, website, etc.)

2. Before the full release, you are already knowledgeable on IntenseRaids. During beta, you will have access to all the new pvp events, new items, new economy changes, and anything that will give you a head start for the next map.

3. You will join a community that is dedicated to factions. We mainly recruit people that are competitive in the factions gamemode who will help improve our server and take apart of the community. Many of these hand-picked “beta” testers are usually involved in massive raiding, pvping, farming, and base building.

Factions Top Prizes for Beta:
1st week:
1. $25 Paypal
2. $20 buycraft
3. $10 buycraft

2nd week:
1. $30 Paypal
2. $25 Buycraft
3. $15 Buycraft

more information as season...
Announcement IntenseRaids Beta
Beta Application: Click here!

Hello everyone!

You’re probably here because I was unable to release the server on December 9th | 1:00PM EST. I have been working on the server non-stop the past weeks while handling final exams, and some other real life issues.

While working on everything, I’ve been having inconsistent sleep schedules which triggers my migraines. I don’t want to go too much into detail on what it is, but it does leave me in a state where I am unable to work on anything. Even trying to sleep is highly uncomfortable.

So with the little time I’ve had to work on the server, I’ve decided to not take my chances and recreate the mess that Season 7 was.

I’m officially announcing IntenseRaids Season 8 Beta.

What is beta?
Beta is basically a stage where the server will be whitelisted and only for people that have been accepted into the beta stage. You can apply here.

When does beta begin?
Beta begins TODAY at 1:00PM EST and ends on December 15th 1:00PM EST.

Why should I play beta?

1. Help find bugs, exploits, etc.
2. Receive FTOP prizes, rewards, kits, donation items, etc.
3. Get used to the new stuff in Season 8 so you’ll have a head start.

How to get Beta Tag:
1. Play for at least 1-2 hours a day.
2. Find a bug or glitch that is potentially harmful.
3. Gave good suggestions and helpful advice for the next season.

FTOP Prizes:
1. $50 Buycraft + $10 Paypal
2. $25 Buycraft + $5 Paypal
3. $10 Buycraft

If you participate in beta, there will be free keys for you to try out, new donation perks, and any new plugins we have in store for the next season.
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