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Announcement Goodbye IntenseRaids
<begin ordinary goodbye letter>

Hello IntenseRaids, or whoever remains in it.

If you're reading this post it means that I've finally decided to where I wanted to go with my "minecraft career". If you've been through the past 8 seasons of IntenseRaids then you know I take EXTENSIVE breaks, but nothing compared the one I've taken in the past few months.

My story:
I've been playing Minecraft for the last 7-8 years and have always loved creating servers and building a community. The only servers that I've ever built were faction servers and the most successful one has been IntenseRaids, in all of it's glory.

It started out with just 10 players in the beginning and amazingly built up to 100s of players at it's prime. Of course, I never took this community for granted and I hoped to keep going in order to build one of the biggest faction servers in the world. I loved the server, the game, and it's players.

However, in order to keep the player base happy, I had to spend at least 14 hours of my day to work on new updates, help players out, or just be online in general. I used to be happy and excited every morning to log on and answer messages, get rid of bugs, and provide updates, but not anymore. Now most of this could have been solved by just having a manager, but I personally do not trust anyone else managing my projects for me.

My message to everyone:
Anyways, thank you everyone for playing IntenseRaids. Whether you played from the beginning or just recently started playing, thank you so much.

I'll always remember this point in my life where for one year straight, I was able to make a second life on the internet. Many of you know me as Aventon, when my real name is Andrew. Everyone here has given me an escape from reality and provided me with an experience no other owner can understand. Although we were a small community, we still participated in the same family.

Thank you all, even to the toxic players, the hackers, the...
Reminder that all TNT & Creeper eggs will be enabled tomorrow!

*I will update this post in a few hours with the full update post*
Season 8.0 is finally here! Starting @ 1PM EST, here are some things you should know before release.

A full update thread will be coming live in a few hours, stick around.


Spawner Stacking:
1. Removed from the game
2. FTOP, crates, and rewards should give you REGULAR spawners.

*Please contact staff ASAP if you get a stacked spawner*

1. Voting will be disabled for the first day of release.

*It will be continued on January 1st*

1. No Autos.
2. No Nuking.
3. Left/Right shooting is disabled.
4. Do not use any cannons that will severely impact the TPS of the server.
5. Semis are allowed.

*If your cannon is dropping the server TPS severely, contact staff*

Map Size:
Overworld: 5,000 x 5,000
End: 3,000 x 3,000

We are having a smaller world size for more raids, pvp, etc.

PvP Events:
1. Envoys will be enabled first day.
2. KoTH will be enabled after 3 days.
3. Outposts will be enabled after 4 days.

1. No bitch claiming for 1 week.
2. No TNT for 5 days
3. No Creepers for 5 days.
Announcement Beta Season
Please read this thread carefully, this new system is changing how IntenseRaids is going to work for the beta season.

Originally we were going to have the beta season for 1 week only, but due to high demand (32+ applications) and counting, we are planning to have a beta season. To accumulate a larger player base, a huge server release, and a bug free season, we are doing a beta season on IntenseRaids.

How will we gain “beta” access?
1. You can submit an application here. We will accept up to 10 beta members every single day, so be patients.

2. If you want to skip the application access, you can buy a beta pass here. It’s currently $4.99 for the first week, $9.99 for the second week, and $14.99 once we hit our third week.

3. Share our twitter status for a chance to win. We will pick one twitter winner every day.

4. Enter our whitelist giveaway on gleam here.

What’s so special about “beta” access?

1. You will receive a special tag on all of our communication platforms (Discord, in-game, website, etc.)

2. Before the full release, you are already knowledgeable on IntenseRaids. During beta, you will have access to all the new pvp events, new items, new economy changes, and anything that will give you a head start for the next map.

3. You will join a community that is dedicated to factions. We mainly recruit people that are competitive in the factions gamemode who will help improve our server and take apart of the community. Many of these hand-picked “beta” testers are usually involved in massive raiding, pvping, farming, and base building.

Factions Top Prizes for Beta:
1st week:
1. $25 Paypal
2. $20 buycraft
3. $10 buycraft

2nd week:
1. $30 Paypal
2. $25 Buycraft
3. $15 Buycraft

more information as season...
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